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The Fair
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About The Fair game
There are just a few hours left till the big opening of the fun fair and the organizers are still looking for a really talented decorator to turn it into the most spectacular amusement park ever. Can this be you? See if you can pass the test playing the fair decoration game and turning this place into a kids' fun paradise on earth! So many great looking items to pick from, playing the playground decoration game, and so little time left at your disposal!Quick, make sure you place the center of attention, the huge breathtakingly looking rollercoster, in the middle of the fun fair, then go on and select the loveliest looking marry go rounds and thrill rides and place them there, in the encircled area of the fair as strategically as possible. Now, after all that toy horse riding and rollercoaster fun, kids might just get a little bit hungry and might want to spoil Themistocles wit their favorite sweets and snacks. Therefore, it's a must, when you're playing the fair decoration game, to add some colorful side stalls, too, where the tiny visitors can have their favorite treats. There still are funny looking clowns that you can populate your lovely fair with, giving the little ones a huge surprise, and you have nice looking trees and benches that you can decorate the amusement park with and make it look as inviting as possible for all the kids who're curious about the new amazing looking fair in their town. Have fun, set your creativity free, enjoying this fun online decoration game, and bring your fantasy fun fair from your imagination into the online world! Play the fair decoration game and create a really spectacular, amusement park for all the kids in this town to enjoy! Next, once you've proved to yourself that you're a super talented decorator, how about testing your artistic skills too playing some fun cooking games now!

How to play

Use your mouse to play the game

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